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Areas of Action Our Services

The core activity of Studio Associato OMNIA is the provision of administrative/tax/legal and financial advisory services to SMEs and Italian holdings of multinational groups. The main services offered are as follows:

The firm’s consultancy activity is tailored to assist management teams in the definition of business objectives and setting out strategic lines of development, with particular attention focused on cash flow analysis.

In this context, the Studio’s professionals help business people to assess the overall effects of their planned strategies and identify emerging opportunities by analysing markets, competitors, products, and technological systems.

Management consultancy and business plans

The firm’s activities are aimed at creating an integrated package of services, including periodic reporting to the foreign parent, using national, international, or group internal accounting standards, for multinationals and business groups whose equity portfolio includes Italian SMEs, that have opened Italian branches, or that wish to embark on a strategy of internationalisation.

Reporting & Management Accounting

The firm’s services also include the drafting of company/business combination evaluations and of appraisals (also sworn), based on linear and transparent processes in application of industry standard best practices.

Valuations and appraisals

The firm and its partners assist clients in carrying out the necessary due diligence activities in the extraordinary transactions sector:

  • Accounting due diligence
  • Tax due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • Business due diligence
  • Due diligence on the reliability and adequacy of management control systems
  • Financial due diligence

Due Diligence

The firm has a stellar track record in performing legally required auditing activities or voluntary auditing, delivering its services in accordance with a consultancy type formula designed to help clients upgrade their internal corporate controls.

Omnia offers a full range of services in this area:

  • auditing of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • analysis of pro-forma financial statements
  • legally required congruity opinions
  • revision of group reporting packagers
  • financial covenant compliance certification


The firm’s partners are members and chairpersons of boards of statutory auditors in listed and unlisted companies and hold offices on supervisory boards in compliance with Italian legislative decree 231/01.

Board of statutory auditors/supervisory board

The firm supplies support and assistance for transactions concerning equity investments or companies, with a special focus on private equity funds, and for extraordinary corporate transactions of all kinds, including mergers, reverse mergers, LBOs, spin-offs, capital contributions, and enterprise leases:

  • Analysis and structuring of the transaction in all its profiles
  • Valuation of the enterprise or company
  • Due diligence/appraisals
  • Advice and support throughout the negotiation process
  • Advice and legal assistance, also in managing workforce and union relations
  • Assistance in the post-transaction integration process

Consultancy for extraordinary transactions and M&As

Thanks to the collaboration of several partners specialised in the sector and a network of contacts in the most attractive countries and in emerging economies, the firm provides support for the internationalisation of SMEs by identifying potential partnerships on foreign markets, assisting with organisational, corporate and fiscal planning, and proposing low-interest financing solutions available on the regional, national and international levels to assist with internationalisation initiatives.

Internationalisation support

The firm offers its experience in designing and implementing management planning and control systems:

  • Business and financial planning and analysis
  • Rating
  • Analytical accounting
  • Multi-annual budgets and planning
  • Liquidity planning and control systems
  • Business intelligence systems

Special attention is devoted to brokering working partnerships with leading software houses to support the implementation of control systems, primarily in relation to corporate treasury and cash management functions.

Management control

The firm operates within a network of professional practices that include specialised accountants with extensive and highly qualified experience in matters of tax law:

  • Tax consultancy services in relation to direct and indirect taxes on ordinary activities and non-recurring items
  • Assistance in preparing periodic and annual tax returns, transmitted also by digital communication systems
  • International tax planning
  • Transfer pricing consultancy
  • Tax litigation

Fiscal consultancy

The firm offers a full range of accounting and administrative services, from bookkeeping (simplified and standard) to drafting of cash flow statements, interim reports and annual financial statements (using Italian and/or International reporting standards).

Accounting and Administrative Consultancy

Thanks to their consolidated offices held in third sector institutes (Associations, Cooperatives, Social enterprises and Foundations) the firm’s professionals can keep track of developments in third sector reforms, assisting clients with the necessary formalities to comply with the new regulations.

Third Sector

Studio Associato OMNIA assists clients in matters of labour law, privacy, banking law, corporate and commercial law, contract management, family law and civil law in general.

One of the firm’s critical objectives to exploit partnerships with leading Italian and international accounting practices to integrate our services with adequate legal assistance to support our clients, thereby offering global consultancy.

Legal Services